Reserva '77

'Hues of the Future,' a project by GLC Paints at Cairo Design Week 2023, revealed the future of design through color trends. Reserva '77, designed by Mohamed Fares, combines heritage with futuristic concepts. As we preserve authenticity, we build layers to shape our unique vision of the future.

Villa Magenta

Villa Magenta// a 112 year old villa unveiling a story, “a delicate revealing of layers, a symphony of past, present, and future”; it consistently reveals the unexpected, transcending the confines of a traditional showroom. 

Kattameya Heights Residence

Amidst the sleek lines and polished surfaces, nature finds its place. Lush landscapes envelop the structure, offering a soothing contrast to the modern design. It's a dialogue between architecture and the environment.

AGM Office

Utilizing the principles of transparency and openness, to blur the boundaries between the interior workspace and the outside greenery.

Sky Executive Office

Within the walls of SKY, a seamless marriage of nature and design unfolds with breathtaking grace. The glass windows, like ethereal canvases, frame the outside world in a myriad of perspectives, blurring the boundaries between the interior and the landscape beyond.

EIIG Office

In expression of infinite possibilities, a flowy borderless space is created, where carved edges shape a harmonious experience. Softening the corners gives a light yet luxurious feel & breaks the rigid & linear nature of the space.

The Lake Side Villa

Vertical connectivity interconnecting form & space allowing light, energy & shadows to flow within a harmonious shell.

Forever is now II

Forever is now is a contemporary art exhibition that brings together the work of artists from around the world in a unique opportunity to contemplate the wonder of an ancient civilization through a lens created by the interests, concerns, and visions of present-day artists.

G Villas

Architecturally, the hotel villas combine the spatial purity of modernism, exemplified by cubist volumes, with an earthy aesthetic of Egyptian hashmi stone, wooden shades & tropical landscape.

Sachi Almaza Bay

Located by Almaza Bay beach, Sachi Almaza’s key focus is the bounty of the sea. A design inspired by the coastal tones of the mediterranean and tranquil aesthetics of Southern Europe.

Mise En Scene

Mise-en-scène is the arrangement of actors in scenes for a theatre or film production, both in visual arts through storyboarding, visual theme, and cinematography, and in narrative storytelling through direction.


Modern Japanese fusion cuisine in the heart of Korba. A presentation of a marriage between two cultures and a merger of two spirits.

Imkan Sales Center

Inspired by the harmonious Egyptian & Middle Eastern architecture, the volumes are articulated to create an unprecedented experience. Every volume expresses a dimension of the luxurious life in a different aspect, all coming together to complete the wholistic value of Imkan.

Sachi Restaurant

Sachi’s cuisine is deeply rooted in the Mediterranean traditions, playing with Asian influences. Sachi is one of the top 50 restaurants in the MENA region for 2022.


Cocteau is a culinary experience that mirrors art, poetry and design by balancing modern, mid-century and contemporary elements.