Reserva '77, Hues of the Future

GLC Paints unveiling an inspiring vision for the future of design at Cairo Design Week – CDW 2023 with their groundbreaking project, ‘Hues of the Future,’ hosted at the Granada Palace. Collaborating with esteemed architects and designers, including Mohamed Fares, GLC Paints challenged conventional design norms and showcased the potential of color trends in shaping future living spaces. Fares’ conceptualization, ‘Reserva ’77,’ offered a reflection on preserving heritage while embracing innovation, sparking dialogue on the evolving nature of architectural aesthetics. Through this visionary project, GLC Paints aims to position Cairo as a global leader in design innovation and creativity.

'The Wonder Collection' by MF & Associates and Benzo

Step back in time to the vibrant era of the 70s with ‘The Wonder Collection,’ a collaborative masterpiece brought to you by Mohamed Fares in collaboration with Benzo. Inspired by the geometric shapes and patterns that defined the decade, this collection effortlessly infuses outdoor spaces with a nostalgic charm. Each piece is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of connection to the intangible horizon and the unceiled skies, transcending the realm of mere furniture. With 'The Wonder Collection,' Fares and Benzo invite you to embark on a journey of timeless design and unparalleled craftsmanship, where every element whispers stories of a bygone era and invites you to create unforgettable memories in your outdoor sanctuary.

"Unveiling the "Luxury Collection": A Luxurious Collaboration"

"Luxury Collection," a captivating collaboration between Mohamed Fares, the esteemed founder of MF & Associates, and C-Reality. This collection is a true testament to the pursuit of luxury, born from Fares's relentless exploration into the essence of opulence. Prior to its creation, Fares engaged in extensive research, questioning individuals about their perceptions of luxury, resulting in a collection that resonates deeply with diverse tastes and desires. Each meticulously crafted piece embodies the perfect fusion of comfort, style, and functionality, showcasing a reverence for the timeless elegance of mid-century design. From sumptuous upholstery to sleek lines and thoughtful details, every element of the "Luxury Collection" is designed to elevate your living space to unparalleled levels of sophistication. Prepare to immerse yourself in the allure of luxury with the "Luxury Collection" – where every piece tells a story of refined craftsmanship and timeless beauty.

Tabalina: Redefining Tradition in Modern Home Décor

Tabalina, a collobration between Mohamed Fares and Marmonil, is poised to revolutionize the concept of home décor by reintroducing the timeless charm of the traditional tabliya. With Tabalina, the essence of the authentic tabliya is preserved while embracing modernity through a diverse range of materials, including stones and marble. Each piece serves as a tribute to the enduring connections and experiences that bind families together, offering not just functionality but also a tangible representation of life’s blessings and heritage.

Alchemy Design Studio at the World Architecture Festival 2023

It is with immense pride that we announce the attendance of Mohamed Fares, Founder of MF & Associates and Co-Founder of Alchemy Design Studio, at the World Architecture Festival 2023 in Singapore on the 29th of November. An exclusive invitation from Grohe and Grohe MENA has set the stage for this momentous occasion, where Fares will play a pivotal role in representing both his studio and the thriving Egyptian architecture community.

Forever is Now Third Edition

The spotlight once again turned towards MF & Associates as they proudly reprised their role as the design partner for the third edition of Forever is Now, curated by the visionary Art D' Egypte. This annual celebration of art and creativity has become a beacon on the global cultural calendar, drawing attention from art enthusiasts and connoisseurs worldwide. MF & Associates took the helm during the VIP opening event, transforming the venue into a masterpiece that echoed their commitment to innovative design. The event was graced by a constellation of VIPs, partners, and talented artists, creating an electric atmosphere that set the stage for what promises to be another unforgettable edition of Forever is Now.

'Life Through My Eyes': A Captivating Exhibition of iPhone Photography at Certosa di San Giacomo, Nomad Capri

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming exhibition of Mohamed Fares at the magnificent Certosa di San Giacomo in Nomad Capri. From 6th to 9th July, Fares will be showcasing his mesmerizing iPhone photography project, aptly titled 'Life Through My Eyes.' Presented by Le LAB, this extraordinary exhibition invites visitors to delve into a world seen through Fares' unique perspective, offering a captivating visual journey. Life Through My Eyes' is an iPhone photography project that showcases Fares' talent for capturing the beauty and intricacies of the world around us. Through his lens, he offers a fresh perspective on familiar subjects, exploring the interplay of light, color, and composition. The result is a series of awe-inspiring images that invite viewers to contemplate the essence of life itself.

Mohamed Fares Co-Founder of Alchemy Selected as Jury Member for EEA Awards

MF & Associates is proud to announce that our founder has been chosen to be a part of the jury panel for the prestigious EEA Award. The EEA Award is a prestigious award that honours the nation’s brightest entrepreneurs across various industries. Our founder, alongside two other renowned designers, Amr Helmy and Ammar Basheir, will be part of the interior design jury panel, tasked with reviewing and evaluating the projects submitted for this category. We believe that this recognition is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of interior design.

The Grand Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum is the world’s largest museum dedicated to a single civilization. The collection consisting of King Tut’s tomb and tens of thousands of other rare and unique archaeological finds has found a new home in a museum built on the plateau of the pyramids of Giza. MF & Associates were chosen by Legacy to design the Egyptian Museum gift shop along with all the communal spaces. The designs provided aimed to unify the look of all the shops while enhancing the visitors experience by creating an organic route along the store, allowing visitors to roam freely and form their own individual journey throughout the space. The balance between the design aspect and the existing ancient heritage was created with a keen eye to every detail.

Cairo Design Week, Villa Magenta

The Cairo design week brings together the design industry in Egypt, providing them with a community that celebrates and appreciates the field’s finest and most successful brands. Being one of Cairo Design Week’s cornerstones, the Fashion Design District serves as the ultimate fashion destination that showcases unique and exclusive designs of local, regional and international brands hosted by Villa Magenta for the first time. MF & Associates , an Alchemy brand created the restoration and design work for Villa Magenta to be completed in 2023 showcasing a theatrical experience originating from the past and living in the future.

Life Through My Eyes at The Salon Art + Design, New York

An ongoing and dynamically evolving project that’s all about spontaneous moments captured by iPhone. Appreciating the randomness of the journey and the beauty that lies within the unexpected encounters, a series of captions represent life through my eyes. The iPhone series was at The Salon Art + Design and showcased by Le Lab from 10-14 November, New York, located on Park Avenue. This is an art salon that displays the world’s best designs including vintage, modern and contemporary 20th-century art as it also features design galleries from all over the world.

Forever is Now Second Edition

Forever is Now pays tribute to one of humanity’s greatest civilizations, the Ancient Egyptians, by showcasing the finest artworks and installations from a carefully selected list of globally renowned artists. For this year’s edition, MF & Associates, an Alchemy brand, has set the stage for these tributes by creating a timeless milieu that exalts the four main pillars of Knowledge given to us by the Ancient Egyptians: Time-keeping, Agriculture, Construction and Writing. Cradled within the core of the Great Pyramids of Giza, the design direction celebrates our forebears' influence still felt to this day and signifies the foundation upon which all of Humanity stands to face a collective future yet to be discovered.

MF And Associates at Pedrali Outdoor Dinner

From 8th to 25th September 2022 Bergamo turns into a stage of nature and beauty on the occasion of the XIl edition of "Landscape Festival - I Maestri del Paesaggio", entitled "Forgotten Landscape". Eighteen days of cultural events in the open-air on green to foster meetings and reflections with the most acclaimed guest landscape archistars. The set-up in Piazza Vecchia, heart of the event, stems from the work of the internationally renowned plant designer Cassian Schmidt in partnership with the students from Weihenstephan - Triesdorf University. This wonderful setting is equipped with products from Pedrali outdoor collection: Nolitachairs,armchairs and sofas designed by CMP Design and Elliot tables by Patrick Jouin. ~green

Sphinx Avenue Opening Ceremony

MFares & Associates are proud to be part of one of the most astounding events Egypt has witnessed, the Sphinx Avenue Grand Celebration. The ceremony was launched in the presence of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and First Lady and also attended by Prime Minister Dr Mostafa Madbouly, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Dr Khaled El-Anani and senior state officials.

The International Design and Architecture Awards

The Shell House is a playful, thoughtful, and generous abode that embodies the spirit of Summer. It’s bright and bold approach to design defines this beach house as both fun and comfortable. Alchemy’s interior design for this house thrives in it’s North Coast location. The design brief was for the property to be a luxury villa that is an extension to the host’s personality. A beach house that is a lively and welcoming, spacious and considerate. Alchemy needed the interiors to be a bright reflection of it’s surroundings, taking inspiration from the Summer season. Bold block colours are paired with natural materials for an eyecatching partnership. Playful design emulates the host’s personality, with unconventional shapes being used within the living spaces, and novel design techniques that can be found in all corners of the home. The layering of different textures gives depth and gravity to the space, whilst still keeping a light and open feel to the interiors.

TKH-Coventry School of Design & Media In Transit

Awards in 2008 held in London. As a thought leader in Design his history extends beyond the numerous commercial and residential projects and into the realm of everyday life. Fares' creative fingerprint can be seen on his own line of eyewear, photography projects and musical interests. His finesse for storytelling and eye for captivating visuals is on display in his work as an Auteur: occupying the Director's chair in a number of projects. Each project under his purview presents a unique and layered narrative. Fares gives it clarity and intent; focused through the lens of his mind's eye. The results are, in equal measure, surprising and delightful.

Kahhal 1871 OUTLOUD Exhibition

Egypt's most elite designers collaborated with KAHHAL 1871 in this year's event, OUTLOUD. It's where heritage meets modernity in the form of handmade carpets. This year expect the unexpected with new designers, innovative concepts, and international talks over a three-day event, in one of Cairo's most iconic locations, Radio Misr. KAHHAL 1871 in the luxury home of contemporary and heritage hand-knotted rugs, currently operated by the fifth generation oldest and most renowned manufacturers and purveyors of handmade carpets and rugs in Egypt. KAHHAL 1871 has a mission to continue developing collections and aims to achieve by announcing the collaborations with different designers which highlights the heritage of KAHHAL 1871 and the influence of modernism into its present and future collections. M-fares is happy to be partnering with KAHHAL 1871 on their OUTLOUD exhibition highlighting the collaborations focus on the heritage of KAHHAL 1871 and the influence of modernism in to our present and future collections. "Showing off my personality to be daring and wile, keeping in mind out multi layered history and expressing y design in a world of newness through creating three design lines: Heritage, Formless and Pop Art" M-Fares.

Egypt’s Pharaohs' Golden Parade

MF & Associates along with some of Egypt’s biggest talents worked together under the directorship of the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities to bring the historic Pharaohs’ Golden Parade to life. The royal mummies were transferred to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in a large march, in-line with the inauguration of the museum and the opening of three halls that include the Central Exhibition Hall and the Mummies Hall.

Reserva '77

'Hues of the Future,' a project by GLC Paints at Cairo Design Week 2023, revealed the future of design through color trends. Reserva '77, designed by Mohamed Fares, combines heritage with futuristic concepts. As we preserve authenticity, we build layers to shape our unique vision of the future.

Villa Magenta

Villa Magenta// a 112 year old villa unveiling a story, “a delicate revealing of layers, a symphony of past, present, and future”; it consistently reveals the unexpected, transcending the confines of a traditional showroom. 

Kattameya Heights Residence

Amidst the sleek lines and polished surfaces, nature finds its place. Lush landscapes envelop the structure, offering a soothing contrast to the modern design. It's a dialogue between architecture and the environment.

AGM Office

Utilizing the principles of transparency and openness, to blur the boundaries between the interior workspace and the outside greenery.

Sky Executive Office

Within the walls of SKY, a seamless marriage of nature and design unfolds with breathtaking grace. The glass windows, like ethereal canvases, frame the outside world in a myriad of perspectives, blurring the boundaries between the interior and the landscape beyond.

EIIG Office

In expression of infinite possibilities, a flowy borderless space is created, where carved edges shape a harmonious experience. Softening the corners gives a light yet luxurious feel & breaks the rigid & linear nature of the space.

Mohamed Fares is an indelible part of Egypt’s creative zeitgeist. Highlights of his career trajectory include his current position as Chief Designer of Alchemy Design Studio as well as representing Egypt at the International Young Design Entrepreneur (IYDE) Awards in 2008 held in London. As a thought leader in Design his history extends beyond the numerous commercial and residential projects and into the realm of everyday life.

Fares’ creative fingerprint can be seen on his own line of eyewear, photography projects and musical interests. His finesse for storytelling and eye for captivating visuals is on display in his work as an Auteur: occupying the Director’s chair in a number of film projects. 

Each project under his purview presents a unique and layered narrative. Fares gives it clarity and intent; focused through the lens of his mind’s eye. The results are, in equal measure, surprising and delightful.