“The designer’s success lies in his ability to dig beneath the surface in order to find a secret subject to draw…”  M Fares

“Curiosity for me is like the feeder that can unleash any different feelings to create. My own Alchemy definition is to regenerate constantly while rooting in our multilayered culture where the result is the term “newness”. M Fares

Mohamed Fares is an indelible part of Egypt’s creative zeitgeist. Highlights of his career trajectory include his current position as Chief Designer of Alchemy Design Studio as well as representing Egypt at the International Young Design Entrepreneur (IYDE) Awards in 2008 held in London. As a thought leader in Design his history extends beyond the numerous commercial and residential projects and into the realm of everyday life.

Fares’ creative fingerprint can be seen on his own line of eyewear, photography projects and musical interests. His finesse for storytelling and eye for captivating visuals is on display in his work as an Auteur: occupying the Director’s chair in a number of film projects. 

Each project under his purview presents a unique and layered narrative. Fares gives it clarity and intent; focused through the lens of his mind’s eye. The results are, in equal measure, surprising and delightful.